Book Launch for Merle Hanson's "Portraits"

01/31/2015 7:00 pm

Saturday, January 31st  7:00pm

Join us for the first event for the release of Merle Hanson's first collection of stories and essays, "Portraits."  You may have be familiar with some of Merle's pieces, as some have been previously published in local newspapers.

Merle will read a few pieces as well as discuss his work with attendees.  This is a great opportunity to come out in support of one of our own local writers!




From Merle:

I like to go on vacation.  Leave the world I’m in and find a different place.  Vacate all the things I felt, believed and thought. It is hard to shut off the brain. We spend most of our day thinking, often too busy to ever think about what we saw and heard that wasn’t in front of us.  Life keeps rolling and pretty soon we are getting ready to die never having lived.

There are many windows upon life, and in Winona town those many panes were always respected, with an almost quiet reverence.  There was no sense stirring up the spirits. Most thought death was supposed to be quiet and peaceful. 

Those folks sometimes get a bit disappointed when they get forgotten and that we can’t see them. They can tell that sometimes you can feel them, something in the way the air and light moved.  

In many ways this is their story.

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